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Rahc Be Like Me Minus [EXCLUSIVE]

It's just one of the looks that spawns on random gear and I haven't named it because I had no way to implement it properly into the game. Although I think a large part of the fun is in getting your idea into the game visually, admittedly being able to implement it as a unique/legendary would be cool Seeing as I can't if you like any of these ideas feel free to add them into whatever you are doing or copy ideas!

Rahc Be Like Me Minus

Yes, the Doom Guard armor, now that's what brought me to this site to begin with, because Skyrim had an armor mod with a similar name. I also really like the new spider. The idea that I really like, that I almost missed, is Thorin's idea in #27. There is a huge chunk of time between games. But to me, set items never really felt like MY set items, they feel like items that have been passed down through generations. How I play the game is when I find a set item in my inventory, it's not that I found it on some random bad guy/critter, but rather that I've been rewarded it by my fellow clan members/race, like how the Predators have to go through certain rites of passage to get some of their goodies. If I'm not mistaken, we don't have real lore and back stories for the set items. I don't see why forms of armor from the first game couldn't be in the 2nd game, since there's no lore on where set armor came from. The re-texture aspect though is a different matter, I bet. As far as the armor itself, 2000 is a long time for armor to last. Without giving away much more of my real life id, I was doing a little restoration on armor from Greece that's...oh, around 1400 BCE. But that's what's awesome about a game, real world physics, oxidation, bodily needs, and that type of stuff don't always have to apply to a game, right?

The Dendra armor is before the Roman times, yes. That's not what I was working on, but what I'm playing with is claimed to go along w this set. As far as I know, the set shown on like Wikipedia is the only set we have.

One idea for a Javelin legendary could be similar to a weapon in a very old RPG I once played. It would have Ice damage along with a chance to stun(could be a specific value or scale very slowly). You could also come up with something attached to history like the Spear of Destiny.

I like it too, to an extent. I've been sorting through the S1 sets trying to figure out what could be transferred. I don't know the sets that well because I played S1 so little in comparison and there's no way to increase drop rates or download the files.

There's also the matter of looks, because many sets in S1 are very wild and unusual. If I did something like this I would want it to look as authentic as possible, not just the name and bonuses slapped on a generic set.

First of all, some of them are my favorite sets from the game, although I've never managed to complete most sets for most of the other chars. Probably because I had too much fun running around with my DW-seraphim using both the Sereish sets - minus the lance - using 2 Sereish swords or Astrala's and Abdiel's cutter.

In that story the armor sets - minus those of the Deamon and Dwarf - were once used by legendary persons of Ancaria, who fought in a great battle during the siege of Braverock, happening about a Thousand years before the events of Sacred.

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