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Boldbeast Recorder 3.40 Serial Number

How to Find the Serial Number of Boldbeast Recorder 3.40

Boldbeast Recorder is a popular app that allows you to record phone calls or voice memos on your Android or Nokia phone. It has many features and options to customize your recordings, such as automatic or manual mode, recording format, recording quality, and more. However, to unlock all the features and remove the limitations, you need to buy a license key from the official website of Boldbeast Recorder.

The license key is a serial number that you need to enter in the app to activate it. The serial number is unique for each device and is based on your phone's IMEI number. If you lose or forget your serial number, you may not be able to use the app properly. Therefore, it is important to keep your serial number safe and handy.

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Here are some possible ways to find the serial number of Boldbeast Recorder 3.40:

  • Check your email inbox. When you buy a license key from the official website of Boldbeast Recorder, you will receive an email confirmation with your serial number. You can search your email for "Boldbeast" or "license key" and find the email.

  • Check your order history. If you bought the license key from a third-party website, such as Google Play or Amazon, you can check your order history and find the receipt with your serial number.

  • Contact the customer support. If you cannot find your email or receipt, or if you have changed your device and need a new serial number, you can contact the customer support of Boldbeast Recorder and provide them with your IMEI number and purchase details. They will help you retrieve your serial number.

We hope this article helped you find the serial number of Boldbeast Recorder 3.40. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.


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