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Download the Complete Score of West Side Story: A Guide for Musical Lovers

West Side Story Full Score PDF 21: A Musical Masterpiece

West Side Story is one of the most famous and beloved musicals of all time. It tells the tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers, Tony and Maria, who belong to rival gangs in New York City. It is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, set in the 1950s, with a stunning score by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. It is a masterpiece of musical theatre that has captivated audiences for decades.

west side story full score pdf 21


If you are a fan of West Side Story, or if you want to discover this amazing work for yourself, you might be interested in downloading the full score PDF 21 of West Side Story. This is a digital version of the complete orchestral and vocal score of the musical, which you can access on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can enjoy the music of West Side Story anytime, anywhere, and learn more about its history, structure, and meaning.

In this article, we will explore some of the aspects that make West Side Story such a remarkable musical. We will look at the story behind its creation, the music that defines it, the characters that inhabit it, the themes that it explores, and the legacy that it has left behind. By the end of this article, you will have a deeper appreciation of West Side Story and its artistic value.

The Story Behind West Side Story

West Side Story was conceived by Jerome Robbins, a choreographer and director who wanted to create a musical based on Romeo and Juliet. He envisioned a story about two rival groups of teenagers in New York City, one Jewish and one Catholic. He approached Leonard Bernstein, a composer and conductor who had worked with him before on On the Town and Peter Pan. Bernstein agreed to write the music for the project, which was initially called East Side Story.

However, as they developed the idea further, they realized that the conflict between Jews and Catholics was not as relevant or compelling as it used to be. They decided to change the setting to the west side of Manhattan, where there was a growing tension between Puerto Rican immigrants and white Americans. They also changed the names of the main characters from Tony and Maria to Tony and Anita.

They enlisted Arthur Laurents, a playwright who had written The Time of the Cuckoo and Home of the Brave, to write the book for the musical. Laurents suggested that they change Anita's name back to Maria, since Anita was too similar to Anna from The King and I. He also suggested that they change Tony's ethnicity from Italian to Polish-American, since there were many Polish immigrants in that area.

They then hired Stephen Sondheim, a young lyricist who had worked with Hammerstein on Allegro and Peckinpah on The Last Tycoon, to write the lyrics for the songs. Sondheim was initially reluctant to join the project, since he wanted to write both music and lyrics for his own musicals. However, he was persuaded by Hammerstein, who was his mentor and friend, to work with Bernstein and learn from him.

The four collaborators worked together for several years, facing many challenges and obstacles along the way. They had to deal with censorship issues, casting difficulties, financial problems, and artistic disagreements. They also had to overcome the skepticism and resistance of the Broadway establishment, which was not used to seeing such a dark, realistic, and innovative musical.

West Side Story finally premiered on Broadway on September 26, 1957, at the Winter Garden Theatre. It was directed by Robbins, who also choreographed the dances, and conducted by Bernstein. It starred Larry Kert as Tony, Carol Lawrence as Maria, Chita Rivera as Anita, and Ken Le Roy as Bernardo. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the music, the dancing, and the performances, but criticized the plot, the dialogue, and the social message. However, it was a huge hit with audiences, who were mesmerized by its energy, emotion, and beauty. It ran for 732 performances and won two Tony Awards for Best Choreography and Best Scenic Design.

The Music of West Side Story

The music of West Side Story is one of the most distinctive and influential aspects of the musical. It is a fusion of various musical styles and genres, such as jazz, Latin, classical, opera, and pop. It reflects the diversity and complexity of the characters and their situations, as well as the mood and atmosphere of the setting.

Bernstein composed the music with a symphonic approach, using a large orchestra with a variety of instruments. He also used leitmotifs, or recurring musical themes, to represent different characters and ideas. For example, he used a tritone interval, or an augmented fourth, to signify the conflict and tension between the Jets and the Sharks. He also used a chromatic scale, or a scale with all twelve notes, to suggest the instability and uncertainty of the plot.

Sondheim wrote the lyrics with a poetic and witty style, using rhyme, alliteration, assonance, and other literary devices. He also used slang, idioms, and expressions that were common among teenagers at that time. He matched the words to the rhythm and melody of the music, creating songs that were catchy, clever, and meaningful.

Some of the most famous songs from West Side Story are: - Something's Coming: Tony's optimistic song about his feeling that something good is going to happen to him soon. - Maria: Tony's romantic song about his love for Maria, whom he has just met at a dance. - Tonight: Tony and Maria's duet about their plans to meet again later that night. - America: Anita and the Shark girls' song about the advantages and disadvantages of living in America. - Cool: Riff's song to his gang members about staying calm and collected in the face of danger. - One Hand, One Heart: Tony and Maria's song about their vow to love each other forever. - I Feel Pretty: Maria's song about her happiness and confidence after falling in love with Tony. - Somewhere: Tony and Maria's song about their dream of finding a place where they can be together in peace. - Gee, Officer Krupke: The Jet boys' song about their troubles with the law and society. - A Boy Like That/I Have A Love: Anita's song to Maria about her warning against Tony, who has killed her brother Bernardo; Maria's song to Anita about her forgiveness for Tony. - Finale: The final song that reprises Somewhere as Tony dies in Maria's arms.

The Characters of West Side Story

The characters of West Side Story are based on the characters of Romeo and Juliet, but they are also original and realistic creations that reflect their own time and place. They are divided into two main groups: the Jets and the Sharks.

The Jets are a gang of white American teenagers who live on the west side of Manhattan. They are led by Riff (based on Mercutio), Tony's best friend who is loyal, charismatic, and impulsive. He is in love with Graziella (based on Rosaline), a girl who belongs to another gang called the Emeralds. The other members of the Jets are: - Action: Riff's second-in-command who is aggressive, violent, and rebellious. - A-Rab: Action's sidekick who is cheerful, playful, and humorous. - Baby John: The youngest member of the Jets who is naive, innocent, and timid. - Diesel: The strongest member of the Jets who is tough, confident, and brave. - Big Deal: A member of the Jets who is sarcastic, cynical, and pessimistic. - Anybodys: A tomboy girl who wants to join the Jets but is rejected by them. - Velma: Riff's girlfriend who is beautiful, graceful, and elegant. - Minnie: Velma's friend who is sweet, friendly, and kind. - Clarice: Velma's friend who is shy, quiet, and gentle. The Sharks are a gang of Puerto Rican immigrants who live on the east side of Manhattan. They are led by Bernardo (based on Tybalt), Maria's older brother who is proud, protective, and hot-tempered. He is in love with Anita (based on the Nurse), Maria's best friend who is sassy, witty, and supportive. The other members of the Sharks are: - Chino: Bernardo's best friend who is shy, respectful, and loyal. He is arranged to marry Maria by their parents. - Pepe: Bernardo's second-in-command who is ambitious, cunning, and ruthless. - Indio: Pepe's sidekick who is fierce, wild, and reckless. - Luis: A member of the Sharks who is calm, cool, and collected. - Anxious: A member of the Sharks who is nervous, anxious, and fearful. - Nibbles: A member of the Sharks who is hungry, greedy, and gluttonous. - Juano: A member of the Sharks who is friendly, cheerful, and optimistic. - Toro: A member of the Sharks who is strong, brave, and courageous. - Rosalia: Anita's friend who is naive, romantic, and idealistic. - Consuelo: Anita's friend who is realistic, pragmatic, and sensible. - Francisca: Anita's friend who is curious, adventurous, and daring. - Estella: Anita's friend who is vain, glamorous, and fashionable. - Margarita: Anita's friend who is fun-loving, lively, and energetic. The other characters are: - Tony (based on Romeo): The protagonist of the musical who is a former member of the Jets. He works at Doc's drugstore and dreams of a better life. He falls in love with Maria at first sight and risks everything for her. - Maria (based on Juliet): The female protagonist of the musical who is a Puerto Rican immigrant. She works at a bridal shop and is engaged to Chino. She falls in love with Tony at first sight and defies her family for him. - Doc (based on Friar Laurence): The owner of the drugstore where Tony works. He is a wise and kind old man who tries to help Tony and Maria escape their fate. - Schrank (based on Prince Escalus): The police lieutenant who tries to stop the gang violence. He is a racist and corrupt cop who hates the Puerto Ricans. - Krupke (based on Paris): The police officer who arrests the gang members. He is a naive and clueless cop who tries to act tough but fails. The Themes of West Side Story

West Side Story explores many themes that are relevant to its time and to today. Some of the main themes are: - Love vs. Hate: The musical shows how love can overcome hate, but also how hate can destroy love. Tony and Maria represent love, while Riff and Bernardo represent hate. Their love transcends their differences and brings them happiness, but their hate leads them to violence and death. - Prejudice vs. Tolerance: The musical shows how prejudice can cause misunderstanding, conflict, and injustice, but also how tolerance can foster respect, cooperation, and harmony. The Jets and the Sharks are prejudiced against each other because of their ethnicity and culture. They fight for territory and pride without knowing or caring about each other. However, some characters show tolerance and empathy for each other, such as Doc for Tony and Maria or Anita for Maria. - their gangs' rivalry, and the law's interference. They ultimately lose their lives because of their harsh reality. - Youth vs. Age: The musical shows how youth can bring vitality, but also how age can bring wisdom. The young characters are full of energy, passion, and emotion. They express themselves through music, dance, and language. They challenge the status quo and seek change. However, they also lack experience, judgment, and maturity. They act impulsively, recklessly, and foolishly. They ignore the advice and guidance of the older characters, who have more knowledge, insight, and perspective. They try to help them avoid mistakes and tragedies. The Legacy of West Side Story

West Side Story has left a lasting legacy in the world of musical theatre and beyond. It has been recognized as one of the greatest musicals of all time, and has influenced many other works in various media and genres. Some of the ways that West Side Story has impacted culture and society are: - It has been adapted into a film, a television series, a ballet, an opera, and a video game. The film version, released in 1961, was directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, and starred Natalie Wood as Maria, Richard Beymer as Tony, Rita Moreno as Anita, and George Chakiris as Bernardo. It won 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Music, and Best Supporting Actor and Actress. - It has been revived on Broadway several times, most recently in 2020 with a new production directed by Ivo van Hove and choreographed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. It features new arrangements by Jonathan Tunick and new translations by Lin-Manuel Miranda. - It has been performed around the world in many languages and countries, such as Japan, China, India, France, Germany, Spain, Israel, South Africa, Australia, and more. It has also been performed by various groups and communities, such as schools, colleges, prisons, churches, and military bases. - Romeo and Juliet, and more. It has also influenced many other artists and genres, such as rock, pop, hip hop, rap, jazz, opera, ballet, and more. - It has raised awareness and appreciation of the Puerto Rican culture and history, as well as the issues and challenges that immigrants and minorities face in America. It has also promoted diversity and inclusion in the arts and society, as well as dialogue and peace among different groups and people. Conclusion

West Side Story is a musical masterpiece that has captivated and moved millions of people around the world. It is a timeless and universal story of love and hate, prejudice and tolerance, dreams and reality, youth and age. It is a stunning and innovative work of art that combines music, dance, drama, and language. It is a cultural and social phenomenon that has left a lasting legacy in the world of musical theatre and beyond.

If you are a fan of West Side Story, or if you want to discover this amazing work for yourself, you should download the full score PDF 21 of West Side Story. This is a digital version of the complete orchestral and vocal score of the musical, which you can access on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can enjoy the music of West Side Story anytime, anywhere, and learn more about its history, structure, and meaning.

To download the full score PDF 21 of West Side Story, click on the link below. You will be redirected to a secure site where you can complete your purchase. You will receive an email with a download link to access your file. You can also print it out or share it with others.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of musical history. Download the full score PDF 21 of West Side Story today!


Here are some common questions and answers about West Side Story:

Q: What is the difference between the full score PDF 21 and the original score?

A: The full score PDF 21 is a digital version of the original score that has been updated and revised to reflect the latest changes and corrections. It also includes additional information and notes that explain the musical notation and terminology.

Q: How can I use the full score PDF 21?

A: You can use the full score PDF 21 for personal or educational purposes. You can listen to the music, study the score, learn the songs, play the instruments, sing the lyrics, or perform the musical. You can also use it as a reference or a guide for your own musical projects.

Q: Can I share or distribute the full score PDF 21?

A: You can share or distribute the full score PDF 21 with your friends or family members who are also interested in West Side Story. However, you cannot sell or resell it without permission from the publisher. You also cannot upload it to any public or private websites or platforms without permission from the publisher.

Q: What are the benefits of downloading the full score PDF 21?

A: The benefits of downloading the full score PDF 21 are: - You can access it anytime, anywhere, on any device. - You can save it on your device or cloud storage for future use. - You can print it out or view it on your screen. - You can zoom in or out to adjust the size and clarity. - You can search for keywords or phrases within the file. - You can bookmark pages or sections for easy navigation. - You can highlight or annotate parts of the file for personal notes.

Q: How much does it cost to download the full score PDF 21?

A: The full score PDF 21 costs $49.99 USD. This is a one-time payment that gives you unlimited access to the file. There are no hidden fees or charges. 71b2f0854b


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