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Jordan Lopez
Jordan Lopez

Download Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers (EU) ... \/\/TOP\\\\

Planet Crashers is set in a vivid cartoon world full offast-paced battles, oddly unique weapons, and various planet typesthat affects the outcome of skirmishes. Players can customizetheir avatars, find friends to battle, or fight opponents in theirarea using a GPS search feature to gain area bonuses. Planet Crashers allows players to log into a singleaccount across multiple platforms for dueling, item shopping, andsocial activities. A player can begin their experience on abrowser, and then continue with the same account and avatar fromtheir iPad or iPhone, keeping the player in touch with the actionwherever they go, on the go! Planet Crashers makes it easy for players to jump in andstart the fight with simple and intuitive controls. Players will beable to customize characters from head to toe, upgrade weapons andpurchase consumables with just a few simple taps. Fromplanets made of cheese, complete with a mouse that will bite youropponent, to ice cream covered planets, players will quickly findthemselves in unique battle environments that play into the overallstrategy of Planet Crashers. Players can team up with up toeight friends in group PvP mode or have a melee with otherplayers. With so many different game modes, Planet Crashers provides a uniquely casual, yet undeniablyhardcore, fast-paced experience every time. The game will beavailable Q4 2010, and for more information visit

Download Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers (EU) ...



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