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Meet Einstein

Service Dog in Training - Psychiatric

Einstein is a 10 month old (As of Nov 2020) PitxRedbone mix who was donated to our facility. If you'd like to learn more about how Einstein found his way to Sola Vagari, check out his story on our blog.

So far Einstein is passing our service dog testing with flying colors. He is currently being trained to assist someone with a disability such as PTSD, panic/anxiety disorder, and/or traumatic brain injury. 

Einstein is a very social and friendly dog that takes no time to warm up to other dogs, adults, and children. He likes cats, but shouldn't be left with them unsupervised. If they run, he will chase after them. 

Einstein is a young dog, who will be in training for the next six months minimum. If you are interested in adopting Einstein as a service dog for yourself or someone else, please contact us here at Sola Vagari. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Einstein an what our adoption process. We will be working with both you and Einstein until his training is completed. 

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Working Line GSDs

Only 5 males left! These pups come from import lines full of Schutzhund, IPO, SVV, and advanced tracking titles. These are going to be active dogs! These pups come from police dogs, family protection dogs, tracking and cadaver dogs. If you're looking for your next competition dog, family protector, or even just a good dog for your active family, these are the dogs for you. 
If you are interested please email us right away! Dogs of this caliber do not come around everyday. Price per pup is $1500. Dam is on site.

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