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Guide to Read Vietnamese Betting Odds For Newplayer

If you're passionate about football betting but don't know how to interpret Vietnamese odds, then refer to the guide correct score football tips below by Wintips.

Major Football Leagues in Vietnam

Despite not being a powerhouse in football, the love for this sport among Vietnamese betting enthusiasts is immense. Every year, there are large-scale club competitions in the country that attract a significant number of domestic football fans. Some major tournaments include:

V.League 1, also known as the Vietnam National Football Championship, featuring the participation of 14 clubs competing for the title. The champion of this league earns a spot in the AFC Champions League.

V.League 2 also receives attention from local football fans. It's also known as the National First Division Football Championship of Vietnam. The number of participating teams can range from 8 to 14, all competing for victory.

Vietnamese National Second Division Football Championship is extremely attractive. The top two teams with the best records will earn a spot in V.League 2 for the following year, making every match in this league highly competitive and intense.

Additionally, there are other domestic football tournaments that are popular among fans. If you're a football enthusiast, you wouldn't want to miss any of these matches.

This has created opportunities for bookmakers to organize betting odds and offer various Vietnamese odds to meet the demands of football fans and betting enthusiasts.

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How to accurately read Vietnamese odds ratios

Currently, there are many bookmakers offering various football betting odds in Vietnam, and there are also many different odds ratios for Vietnamese football betting for players to choose from. Below is a guide to reading some Vietnamese football betting odds that you should know before participating in betting.

Guide to reading Asian Handicap odds

There are Vietnamese odds ratios at reputable bookmakers in line with Asian Handicap odds as follows:

Vietnamese odds ratio without handicap, also known as 0:0 odds: This is a commonly used odds ratio in major tournaments, including those in Vietnam. This type of odds is often applied when the two teams in a match are evenly matched, and players can predict which team will win to make money.

Vietnamese odds ratio - Half-ball handicap or 0.25 odds: In this odds ratio, the favorite team (the stronger team) will give a 0.25 handicap to the underdog team (the weaker team). If you bet on the favorite and they win, you make money; however, if the overall result is a draw, you get half your bet back, and if you lose, you lose your bet.

Vietnamese odds ratio - 0.5-ball handicap: This is similar to the above, where if you bet on the favorite and they win, you make money; but if it's a draw or they lose, you lose your bet, and the underdog wins.

0/75-ball handicap odds ratio - Vietnamese football betting odds: If you bet on the favorite and they win by a one-goal difference, you win half your bet, and the underdog loses half their bet. If the favorite wins by a two-goal difference, the favorite wins the whole bet, and the underdog loses the whole bet. If the favorite draws or loses, they lose the whole bet, and the underdog wins the whole bet.

Viewing Vietnamese odds ratios by Over/Under odds

Over/Under odds, also known as total goals odds. Players are only concerned with the total number of goals scored in the entire match, with two odds ratios as follows:

Vietnamese odds ratio with odds of 2 ½: If you bet Under and the overall result has two or fewer goals, you make money. Conversely, if you bet Over, there must be three or more goals for you to make money.

Odds ratio of 2 ¾ when looking at Vietnamese football betting odds: If there are three goals scored in the match, and you bet Over, you will only win half of your bet.

Viewing Vietnamese odds ratios by European odds

European odds are simpler to understand and have three options for players to choose from:

Bet on the home team (1) and if the home team wins, you make money.

Bet on a draw (X) and if the final score of the match is a draw, you make money.

Bet on the away team winning (2) and if the away team wins, you make money.


Whether it's examining Vietnamese odds ratios or any other football tournament, there are similar odds. Therefore, if you don't understand the current odds, you can refer to the information soccer tips sites shared in this article. Wishing all bettors a successful season.


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