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Luckily for us, it truly is the golden age for young adult fiction right now, as YA authors today continue to take the genre in new and incredibly exciting directions. Indeed, young adult books have stepped up onto the literary stage as a powerful genre in its own right, creating role models for all of us and leading important conversations about personhood, gender, sexuality, and race.

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So what are the greatest teenage books ever? It's a question that's too vast for any one person to answer. So to compile this masterpost, we asked our community of 300,000 readers to vote for their favorite teenage books. Without further ado, here are the 115 best young adult books of all time.

The first installment in an acclaimed fantasy young adult book series, An Ember in the Ashes offers some of the best worldbuilding in YA fantasy. In its painstakingly rendered, Rome-inspired Martial Empire, members of the deposed former ruling class, the Scholars, live in bondage and poverty under the thumbs of the Martial overlords who displaced them.

In the post-Hunger Games world, many young adult novels tried to fill the dystopian void left behind by the beloved trilogy. However, few managed to deliver the same levels of thrills and utterly engrossing storytelling.

Hatchet tells the story of Brian Robeson, a thirteen-year-old boy traveling from New York to Canada on a Cessna 406 bush plane. When the pilot dies from a heart attack mid-flight, Brian attempts to land and ends up crashing in a lake in the middle of a forest. Alone with nothing but his hatchet, a gift from his mother, Brian must quickly learn to survive and defend himself in the vast open wilderness.

You may have reached the end of this list, but that doesn't mean there aren't tons of other wonderful young adult books to explore. Check out this list of the best young adult romance books or discover the newest indie YA novels hitting the shelves here!

Ok! So if clothing sizes now are designed to flatter us modern day greedy guts, how come when I was younger and much heavier I was wearing a size 16/18 and now much lighter I am measuring in at a size 16?

We are made how we are made, and we need to stop being told that if we put in a great deal of effort we can look better than the way we are made to look. No one ever, EVER says this sh*t about men! This double standard is why young girls and adult women become bulimic and anorexic. And the author can thank himself for being part of the problem with his insensitive unrealistic blurb.

As a youngster I delivered newspapers and was present when the 1st Playboy arrived AND there was Marilyn posing naked. However as I seem to recall the shot was tastefully done. She was lying on her side and the photo was taken from above so nothing to offend was exposed. She was and always will be stunning to look at

Like anyone, we may only share our true opinions, and feelings, once we trust the person. Trust is established over time. Are you trustworthy? You cannot reassure your date, it is something earned naturally, over time. Everybody is different. By date two, your new lady friend may be sharing her threesome fantasy with you. The best questions to ask a girl are specific, but open-ended, too. Questions can be implied, and you can add details. Never pry!

chassis (n.m.) window. [Originally, the chassis referred to glass-paned windows with a sash (SF chassis) which lifted and lowered, while a fenêtre was a rectangular opening in a wall , usually with a shutter hinged at the top, which was propped open by a stick. In plantation-style homes, the shutters opened sideways.]

fort (adj.) 1. strong. 2. of the age of reason, about six or seven years old. J' étais déjà fort quand ma mère a mouri. (I was already out of babyhood, of the age of reason, when my mother died.) Comment fort il était?How old was he [in speaking of a young child]?


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