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[S3E7] Vegas, Baby ^HOT^

The series ended with several cliffhangers, including the fate of Delinda Deline's unborn baby.[79] In reaction to the cancellation, upset fans sent baby booties and dolls to NBC, demanding a proper ending.[16][80] Discussions had been held about making a two-hour film to serve as a finale.[75] In the event that a proper resolution should not be possible, Thompson had an alternate plan for Danny McCoy and Delinda Deline to cameo in an episode of Knight Rider, carrying their newborn.[81] Due to Knight Rider's cancellation, however, Danny and Delinda's cameo appearance never came to fruition.[82]

[S3E7] Vegas, Baby

The Garveys return the following year, and Chantelle has given birth to her baby, Coolio. The baby is of mixed race and Chantelle refuses to reveal the identity of his father. Telle is absent-minded regarding looking after Coolio. She forgets about him, leaving him in an airport shop until Janice reminds her. She decided to offload baby Coolio onto impromptu babysitters Martin Weedon (Nicholas Burns) and Kate Weedon (Abigail Cruttenden) for the night. Chantelle starts to talk to Geoff more this year and they agree to go out for a drink but this falls through when Geoff gets extremely drunk and admits that he is a virgin. When Geoff forgets his wristband to get into the wedding of Madge and Mel Harvey (Geoffrey Hutchings), he asks Chantelle to borrow hers but she refuses as he constantly lies all the time about being the champion of many things and got overly drunk the previous night. After the wedding ends in disaster during the Summer Special, Janice asks swingers Donald Stewart (Kenny Ireland) and Jacqueline Stewart (Janine Duvitski) to take Chantelle and Michael back to the apartments and look after them.she is also engaged to Geoff maltby aka the oracle

If it's up to his wife, however, he's going back to the big house. With her baby by her side, Lela sits in the police station conference room, the zip-locked bloody tissue in front of her. She tells Ambrose, his superior, Soto, and NYPD Detective Jones about the night she wiped the blood from his ear, as well as Jamie's confession to her about murdering the man at the party. Jones asks if she'd be willing to testify. She agrees and asks if they can do something to help him.

As the season has progressed, those efforts were not always successful and actually provided the show with an added comic touch. Potts, whose baby is due in May, is usually shown behind a desk or with a jacket or a purse in front of her, or is simply shown in head-and-shoulder close-ups. 041b061a72


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